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Cala Romantica

Cala Romantica (S'estany d'en Mas) is part of the municipality of Manacor, located in the eastern part of the island with a coastline 27 km long. It is the second largest district of ​​Mallorca. There are several population centres, those inland such as Manacor, Son Macià and Son Negre and those situated on the coast: S’Illot, Portocristo, Cala Anguila, Cala Mandia, Cala Romántica, Calas de Mallorca and Cala Murada.

Manacor has the privilege to have a large tract of land under special protection, with more than 6km of unurbanised coast endowed with picturesque coves. This coastal area begings in Cala Romantica (S'estanyd'en Mas) and finishes in Calas de Mallorca, and can be explored on foot through most of its layout.

The terrain of the area is calcareous and as a consequence it features hollows situated either in the vicinity or by the coast which have formed caves with the passage of time. Some of them are quite renown, like the Caves of Drach and the Caves of Hams. Other caves such as the Pirata, are less known, very frequented by caving enthusiasts and speleologists.

This land has been inhabited for the past 5.000 years, although not until 1400 b,C, a more structured society does not appear in the form of Talayotic settlement. Some of the prehistoric sites have endured up to nowadays and can be visited. The cave of Ca's Senyoret (pre-Talayotic), the settlement of S'Hospitalest Vell (talayotic) are two good examples of that period. A good selection of objects of that period can be seen at the ethnological museum of Manacor . In the museum one can also find memorabilia from the roman times and the following Byzantium domination. After the romanization and the subsequent tutelage under Byzantium, the island was occupied by the Emirate of Cordoba as early as the 9 TH century. The Muslim rule spanned four centuries. In 1229 Aragon takes over it under the initiative of Jaume I the Conquerer. This is why catalan is the official language of Mallorca, as well as Spanish.

Debido a las dimensiones de la isla, el huéspedpodrá visitar los lugares de suinteréssin que la distancia suponga una gran inversión en tiempo. Desde Sol Románticatendrántoda la isla a sualcance.

The city of Manacor is the capital of the district of Llevant. It is a fine place to go shopping, especially distinguished in the pearl shops. The Rafa Nadal Academy and its museum, the Ethnological Museum, the Cathedral and the Dominican Convent and are places worth visiting.

Considering the size of the island, guests can visit anywhere without investing so much in travelling. Sol Romantica Apartments is ideal to establish the base for your excursions

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